On Site Material Recycling

We are pleased to advise that we have now established the material screening and crushing plant on site for the next phase of the works. This important process will see us significantly reduce the number of vehicle movements to and from the site thus improving the efficiency of the works and significantly reducing the carbon … [Read more…]

Update on Discovery of Cist

Following completion of the Archaeological excavation of the Cist discovered on site yesterday it was confirmed that no human remains were found within the grave.  The pot contained within the Cist and pictured below has been removed for further analysis.  The prehistoric pot, probably a beaker, has been estimated to be of an age between … [Read more…]

Archaeological Find

An interesting day on site in so far as we encountered a cist! It was found during works to remove top soil along the planned route for the main drainage for the site. The on-site Archaeologist working with the agreement of the Council’s own Archaeologist excavated the cist and discovered a pot. The pot and its contents have now been removed … [Read more…]

General update at 3rd October

This week and into next we will continue to work alongside the existing A82 carrying out preparatory works for the new roundabout. These works will be carried out within our site boundary and  will not require the use of traffic lights or lane closures. The A82 will operate as normal with the reduced speed limit … [Read more…]