Highland Housing Alliance ~ Properties for Mid Market Rent

Phase 1 of our development includes 5no properties available from the Highland Housing Alliance for Mid Market Rent. These are currently under construction for completion late Autumn 2018. Properties include 1no two Bedroom Bungalow, 2no two Bedroom Villas and 2no three Bedroom Villas. Details of these properties will be available on the Highland Housing Alliance … [Read more…]

Progress Update at 20th February 2018

Works on the new roundabout on the A82 are now moving towards their completion and subject to final approvals by Transport for Scotland the roundabout should be completed in early March. During the week commencing the 19th of February the final layer of tar should be completed to all areas. During this time the flow … [Read more…]

Aerial progress photos at 20/12/17

With the current good weather we have taken the opportunity to take some aerial photos of the site to show current progress.   Works to the south side of the roundabout are now complete up to base course tar level and will be opened up for North Bound travel over the holiday period. Works to … [Read more…]

General Update of Works at 15th of December 2017

Despite delays caused by the recent wet and cold weather works have continued to progress to all areas of the site.   The works to the new roundabout on the A82 are ongoing with works to the Northbound lane including street lighting, kerbing, drainage and services complete. The base course tar to this lane should … [Read more…]

Press Release and Update on Archaeological Works

The following press release was made today by AOC Archaeology, our Supervising Archaeologist, providing an update on Archaeological works to date:-   Another 4,000-year-old Beaker burial found in Drumnadrochit Contact: Mary Peteranna, AOC Archaeology 01463 819841, 079720259255   Archaeologists have located a second 4,000 year old grave on the site of new development in Drumnadrochit. … [Read more…]